Level 1 & 2?

If you have attended one of our courses (or maybe you learned your paddling somewhere else!), you have seen everything you need to know to take a Canoeing Ireland Skills Assessment and earn your Level 1 or 2 Skills Certificate!

What is a Level 1 Skills Certificate? The Level 1 Skills Certificate is a stepping stone to the Level 2 that we provide for Juniors who are taking up kayaking for the first time. The level 1 skills covers all the basic skills to control your kayak safely on the water.

What is a Level 2 Skills Certificate? According the Canoeing Ireland, the governing body for canoeing and kayaking;

  • Kayak safely and competently on flat water and Grade I rivers as a member of a group being led, and assist in basic rescues.

It is the highest Generic Kayaking Skills Award available from Canoeing Ireland before specializing in a specific discipline (such as the River Skills Awards). As a qualification, it’s value is internationally recognized throughout Europe thanks to the Euro Paddle Pass.

So should you be interested in continuing to kayak at home or abroad, or if you just want the certificate to prove yourself, email us at info@corribcanoe.com to arrange your Level 1 & 2 Assessments!