Corrib Canoe Courses


Most frequent questions and answers

Easy! Head over to our booking page and follow the steps on there if you wish to book a week long course for a child or yourself. If you are just booking a day trip, you can give us a call on 085 211 1571 or drop us a message at

Prices for the day trips are listed below 

1 person€50
2-9 people€25pp
10+ people€20pp

  • Footwear- old runners or sandals – no flip flops 
  • Wetsuit if you have one, or else suitable swim wear or gym wear you don’t mind getting wet 
  • Towel and dry clothes for after

We are located in Fisheries Field, directly across the road from the entrance to the Galway Cathedral in Galway City. We’re based out of the NUIG Kayak Club premises. We have a large blue sliding door just beside a large field (Fisheries’ Field)

Not to worry, that’s exactly what your instructors are there for. We cater for absolute beginners and aim to get you up to the best standard you can be during the duration of your time with us.

This is something a lot of people can feel during the initial stages of their newly found kayaking career. However, with time, we hope to bring everyone up to a standard that they can comfortable paddle within a group with confidence and safely. Everybody will be wearing a buoyancy aid, so even if you do happen to take a tumle you’ll be able to keep your head abover water with little to no effort on your behalf out of the kayak.